Water glasses organization

Here is a quick organization project I tackled recently.

We drink a lot of water around here. Which is great– the kids are reminded to hydrate throughout the day. So we have our water glasses out on the counters all the time. And they look exactly the same because they came as a set.

I needed a solution to 1. find a way to assign a glass to a family member and 2. stop them from spreading throughout the entire kitchen. Putting them in the dishwasher and getting a new glass every time we needed a drink was not an option, with six of us here we would need more glasses than our cabinets can hold.

The solution was pretty simple: I got a melamine tray large enough to hold six glasses but not too large so it doesn’t take a lot of space. I then printed everyone’s name using my label maker and stuck them on the tray. The labels come on laminated tape and are self-adhesive.organized water glasses

There is no confusion whose glass it is, and they stay in one spot not invading the counters.

water glasses organization

What is your way to stay hydrated? Are you a water glass or a water bottle person?

I would love to hear from you!

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